Ojai Engagement

Updated: Jan 23

It all started when Lady Gaga cast a love spell on Taylor Swift , and then Taylor shared that same spell

with Alex Goldschmidt, an unsuspecting mega fan looking for love. Little did he know, years later this spell would be complete.

You can hear all the details of Alex and Ross’s love story on the Wondery podcast called “The Moment,” but we cannot help but share some highlights to set the backdrop for what is sure to be the most magical Ojai wedding.

Swift’s advice inspired Alex to focus on himself, his career and accept a job in LA which ultimately brought Alex and Ross together. The couple ended up matching on a dating app, but had heard about each other through a mutual friend. Valerie, Alex’s co-worker and Ross’ dear friend, had tried to set the two up for quite some time but the stars never quite aligned—that is, until the day that Ross came across Alex’s profile and THEY MATCHED!!

Alex and Ross’ Relationship

From their first date, their connection was undeniable, and their whirlwind romance began right there in The Hudson restaurant on a rare, rainy LA day. Six months later, they moved in together. And then, as their relationship escalated, they bought a home together in 2018. They even adopted a dog together and named him...wait for it...Hudson! (@mrhudsonwhitney)

They began talking about marriage and both always assumed Ross would be the one to propose, as he is the producer and planner in their relationship.

But do not forget the love spell. About three years into dating, Alex was driving home and Taylor Swift’s “King Of My Heart” came on and it struck him. The lyrics made him think immediately of Ross and their love—Ross was the one and there was no reason to wait! At that moment, Alex decided HE would propose!

The Proposal with Special Guest Performance...

Alex planned an elaborate proposal: a hike to the Wisdom Tree (just like their second date) for the big ask, captured by a hidden photographer!! Then, he had both their families fly in and all of their closest friends met to surprise them for an engagement party!

Ross did not expect any of this and was beyond surprised every step of the way. But, if moving him to tears surrounded by family who had only been to California a few times was not enough, guess what happened next!?

In planning, Alex reflected that Taylor Swift unknowingly played such a role in finding his true love, so he just had to share. Alex wrote Swift to thank her and to close the loop of the fated love spell Twitter exchange. In closing, he thought, why not extend the engagement party invite, never imagining she would accept. BUT SHE DID!! She happened to be in the LA area on the day of the party and agreed to not only come, BUT also offered to play THEIR SONG!

You have to see this to believe it!! View HERE on YouTube

Let The Planning Begin!

Enter White Sage. Ross found us through a Google search! Ojai is pretty small, so we are not hard to find. From Brooke’s first consultation, which ended up being in LA, the three had a great connection! Ross and Alex were set on an Ojai wedding, but were struggling to find the right venue.

Ultimately they engaged in our venue liaison services to help find just the spot. We saw four private estates and one public venue all in Ojai. After comprehensive analysis, perhaps over some wine at The Ojai Vineyard Tasting Room, they made their selection!

Choosing a venue and setting a date is such a huge step! Their Ojai destination wedding location has become our main inspiration for the overall theme and design.

We quickly secured photography by Burgundy Blue, and an amazing menu with Seasons Catering. Minted hooked it up with the perfect invitation suite, which is officially out for delivery! Who knows, maybe there will be more surprises and special guests! We’ll just have to wait and see!

Planning continued with securing Dart Collective for entertainment, who will no doubt rock the night with some killer vinyl mixes. And last but not least, Fleur de Rye is the mastermind for our Ojai inspired floral design.

We cannot believe the big date is almost here and cannot wait to help bring all these dreams to life!

Huge shout out to Burgundy Blue Photography for this dreamy Ojai engagement shoot at one of their favorite spots Tipple & Ramble!

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