Ojai Wedding Weekend

So, you are planning an Ojai wedding! Or perhaps you are considering an Ojai destination wedding.

If you are still searching for the perfect Ojai wedding venue, check out our resources for both public Ojai wedding venues here and our Ojai Wedding Venue Liaison Services offering exclusive private Ojai wedding venues.

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Once you have a wedding venue, you are probably beginning to think about the wedding weekend. Allow us to break down the typical itinerary into a couple categories:

  • Ojai Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Venues

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a casual venue, Ojai offers a wide variety of rehearsal dinner spots.

  • Ojai Wedding Welcome Drink Venues

We are seeing a trend of smaller rehearsal dinners followed by a more casual welcome meet up with drinks for those arriving into town a day ahead.

  • Ojai Wedding Farewell Brunch Venues

Sigh. The wedding day has come and gone, and your guests, who may have traveled very far, are beginning to gather their things and prepare for their journey home. One last farewell gathering can be the perfect cherry on top! Plus, who doesn’t LOVE brunch!?

Below, we will list the top venues for each of these additional events that may be included in your destination Ojai wedding weekend. Some venues will fall into multiple categories, allowing options based on the custom Ojai experience you wish to share with your guests and loved ones.

Ojai Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Venues

1. Azu Restaurant & OV Brewery

Their private back room with full bar and magical patio is the perfect spot to host dinner for your closest crew.

2. Boccalis Pizza & Pasta

Nested among the orange orchard, enjoy comfort food on this casual oak-covered lawn that can accommodate a small reservation or a full lawn buyout!

3. Sage Ojai

Right in the heart of downtown, their patio or private room set a lovely atmosphere that pairs with their mindful meals and elixirs.

4. Ojai Rotie

Think Ojai main street, outdoor patio, upscale picnic! Providing simple yet quality rotisserie chicken and the best homemade sourdough bread around! They offer small reservations or a full buyout.

5. The Ranch House Restaurant

Upscale dining in an intimate setting, this Meiners Oaks offering may be quite close to your Ojai wedding venue!

6. Ojai Deer Lodge

Often used for an after party, this rustic location also offers a robust menu of farm to table offerings.

Ojai Wedding Welcome Drink Venues

1. Topa Topa Brewery

This casual brewery environment lends well to a meet up, and they also provide wine and hard seltzer. And in case anyone gets hungry, Little Sama Ojai is connected inside!

2. Topa Mountain Winery

This venue closes a bit early, but their grounds offer so much! Keep in mind this is wine only, but you can bring in food if you would like.

3. Ojai Pub

Our favorite new little wateringhole, this cozy venue offers a full bar and kitchen.

4. Chief’s Peak Bar

This option only works if you are buying out the Rancho Inn, but we love this little bar so much we couldn’t not include it!

Ojai Wedding Farewell Brunch Venues

1. Azu Restaurant & OV Brewery

Hands down our favorite brunch in town! Again their private back room and patio are the perfect setting! They can accommodate plated or buffet. We highly recommend their avocado toast; it is unlike any you have had!!

2. Sage Ojai

Again, this spot offers so much for groups big or small. They can help you build a custom menu to nourish everyone post the evening of festivities.

3. Cafe Emporium

Offering traditional cafe vibes, one has many options here. They offer their private indoor room for a buffet, patio buyout, or even just some pastry pick up to take back to your location!

That’s right, all of these events could also be held at your location. Depending on where you are staying, hosting on site can definitely be an option! Working with an experienced Ojai wedding planner can help you bring a weekend of events together, so that you and your guests get to fully enjoy the Ojai experience.

Read more about things to do in Ojai here!

Happy planning!

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