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So, you want to have an Ojai wedding and you need to find the perfect spot. Where to begin?? 

Get to Know Ojai

Let’s talk about all your options for a public venue. But first, allow us to divide up the valley, so you can know which area you’d most like your venue to be in. You are probably familiar with: 

Downtown, with the iconic bell tower and Arcade arches

And then, as you drive deeper into the valley, where the buildings and businesses begin to taper off,  orange and avocado orchards start to line the roads,  neatly set behind rock walls. This is what we call:

The East End, a magical area right before you embark up the Dennison grade 

Twisting and winding up our small valley road, you traverse the summit.  You should stop at the lookout point and take it all in. This is one of the fullest views of our glorious little valley.  

Upper Ojai (or The Upper Valley) lay just atop this hill. A cozy community of mostly larger ranch style homes, it is here that you will find the most perfect views of the famed Topa Topa Mountains Pink Moment backdrop. If you enter the valley from Santa Paula, the route will bring you through this area before you reach Downtown.

Backing up: if you enter our valley from Ventura, Hwy 33, there is one more offshoot area we must cover. Taking a left at the “Y,” the first main intersection in front of our Vons grocery store will lead you into our home neighborhood of: 

Meiners Oaks. Still in Ojai (but not within city limits) this tight community is up and coming. It features so many options, like quaint El Roblar shoppes, one of the best after party spots, the historic Deer Lodge, (that you can read more about here), and other hidden gems.

Venues No Longer in Service

Before we get into what we CAN offer, here’s a quick list of spots that are NO LONGER OFFERING venue rental, as we get asked about these places all the time:

Twin Peaks Ranch

Calliote Canyon

Ojai Foundation 

Happy Valley School

Thacher School

Ojai Public Wedding Venues 

Now that you have some direction, let’s get into the good stuff! Here is a complete list of all the public venues in our little valley. We promise to keep this post up to date, coming back to make small changes and perhaps writing addendums as necessary. 

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1. The Ojai Valley Inn

(also known as OVI or The Inn)

Could we start with anything else? You have most likely heard of this luxury resort property nestled just before the heart of Downtown. The property spreads out over 220 oak-spotted acres, and offers luxury accommodations, a world renowned spa, world-class golf, amazing dinners, and multiple wedding venue offerings.

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Weddings at the Ojai Valley Inn are what dreams are made of. We love spending time here, but please note this is a luxury level property. Event budgets here are generally a minimum of 150K - 250K and can climb very quickly to much higher. The new Farmhouse is quickly becoming THE VENUE. Grabbing a room for your bridal suite is a lovely treat, but note the property does have photo exclusivity. Only OVI Brides may take photos on property. 

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2. Topa Mountain Winery (TMW)

A close neighbor to OVI, TMW was built as a venue and an amazing community entertaining space. The view of the Topa Topa Mountain Pink Moment is so perfect! And the wine—don’t get us started on the Frose. There are also gracious amounts of amenities that make TMW a button-up venue offering. Saturday buyouts can run a high dollar, but Fridays & Sundays are a more cost effective alternative.

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3. The Rancho Inn

Just a couple doors down the road, The Rancho Inn is a smaller venue space with so much character, offering 18 guest rooms, a pool, a sauna, and Chief’s Peak Bar! Most weddings take place on the back lawn, best to bring in most things here like a kitchen and additional restrooms. Another option when buying out is to use the space for pre or post events, which you can read more about here. 

 4. The Lavender Inn

This is the most charming, magical little garden venue. This historic bed & breakfast, built in 1874, is really best for smaller guest counts. It offers eight guest rooms and the closest proximity to Downtown shops.

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5. Caravan OUTPOST


What we would call the most unique venue, The OUTPOST is a boutique hotel that offers ten Airstream guest suites and a tiny home. It is truly an experience to stay here. Tucked into the east side of Downtown, The OUTPOST offers an transportive atmosphere, as you’re surrounded by lush tropical palms and plants. Guests can enjoy biking and also s’mores by the fire. 

6. Azu Restaurant & OV Brewery

Our favorite restaurant in town! This spot always makes the list. The private back room and patio offer an amazing reception location for smaller parties! Often, having the ceremony in another location is ideal, but for much smaller guest counts, anything is possible. The food is outstanding, and their in house brewed beers are by far our top pick!

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7. Capri Hotel

Towards the Eastend, this spot is getting a full update! Check back for more details as we cannot wait to tour as soon as it is ready!! 

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8. Light and Space

Brand new offering in Downtown! This bright and airy yoga, meditation and healing arts studio is now available for event rental!  Best fit for intimate affairs up to 65 guests, their blank canvas is just waiting for you to create your vision.

9.The Ranch House Restaurant

Hopping over to the Meiners Oaks area, this spot is an Ojai staple.  Intimate gardens with lots of bamboo set the backdrop. Again, a smaller guest count or ceremony off-site would be ideal for this venue.

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10. The Ojai Retreat (The Retreat)

A personal favorite! Perched on five acres atop a hill in Meiners Oaks, The Retreat offers the most stunning panoramic view of the west side of the valley. It offers a tranquil and lush waterfall garden, a great Pink Moment vista point, and 12 guest rooms. It maxes out at about 130 guests for events (note needing to bring in a kitchen). 

11. Boccalis Restaurant

Family owned and operated local legend.  This spot offers a large lawn under covered oak trees. It provides a lovely, casual vibe in the magical Eastend area, where it’s surrounded by orchards and fields.

12. Old Creek Ranch Winery (OCRW)

Last but certainly not least this gem of a working winery!  Technically not in Ojai proper, you will find OCRW on your drive into Ojai just before the suburb of Oak View.  A right hand turn onto Old Creek Rd., leads you across a bridge and down a winding road dead ending at OCRW.  They offer on site restrooms, kitchen facilities and lush lawns with picnic tables.  The newly planted vineyard will provide a magical backdrop perfectly paired with their estate wines.

Yep! That’s it. All the “public” venues we can share. Being such a small community, there is not a surplus of event space. Thankfully, we have worked to solve this dilemma through our exclusive private offerings and venue liaison service. Learn more here.

We’re proud to offer what we can! And the places we listed above are seriously magical.

Where will you plan as the venue for your dream day?

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